Industrial Storm Water Management

Industrial Storm Water Management

*DEADLINE  Industrial SWPPPs Must be Updated & Submitted to the Waterboard by July 1, 2015

Thunder Mountain’s exceptional effectiveness is a result of relentless study of the sciences, earning strong bonds with the regulatory community and amassing unparalleled site time where it all happens.

Our approach is to tailor solutions ranging from turnkey to training that empowers customers to comply with regulations.

  • Thunder Mountain offers sampling and monitoring services to assist companies with the new analysis requirement for the next evolution of the 2015 Industrial General permit.  We can give you accurate and timely data to help insure compliance to EPA benchmarks for all testing.
  • Thunder Mountain can design and update Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for the specific site and industry. This is done with a sensitivity to the customers needs to balance budget with program effectiveness. We are able to design plans that not only fulfill requirements for compliance but are also applicable to real world working sites.
  • Thunder Mountain can provide monthly and quarterly inspections that are part of the required annual report as well as preparing the annual report. This allows the client to focus resources on it’s core business.
  • Thunder Mountain can insure that client data is properly updated in the Water Boards Storm Water Multiple Application Report and Tracking System (SMARTS). We are able to help the client manage the data that it is submitted to not only compliance and enforcement agencies but the larger audience of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). This helps to minimize negative exposure.​
  • Thunder Mountain can provide training to your staff on the laws and regulations of proper stormwater compliance as it applies to your specific site.

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The Smiley’s and their professional staff offer the highest possible level of design, consulting, monitoring and site analysis services available.


Storm Water Management

Construction of the Folsom Bridge with storm water management bmps in place

Folsom Bridge

12 Bridges Water Treatment

12 Bridges Water Treatment

Storm Water Management

Thunder Mountain Enterprises leads the pack when it comes to regulatory compliance relating to the Clean Water Act and the California Permit. Thunder Mountain’s expertise is distinctive because Thunder Mountain is the only California storm water consultant that has extensive on the ground, in the mud hands-on experience. We are your trusted advisor when it comes to Storm Water Management.
Here are some examples:

  • Cars on the Hazel Avenue Bridge during construction. Showing storm water management bmps

    Hazel Avenue Bridge

    Built and operated dozens of uniquely designed site-specific treatment systems in house, incorporating electro coagulation, natural occurring chemical formulations such as lime, citric acid, and chitosan, along with various mechanical filter media.

  • Thunder Mountain crews and emergency services have installed and monitored hundreds of acres of storm water BMPs in California.
  • Thunder Mountain designs hundreds of SWPPPs, and walks the ground on every site in advance. Thunder Mountain incorporated soils data, topography and proximity to sensitive water bodies,  and other factors in designs long before they became law in the new California Permit.
  • Thunder Mountain is a practitioner and technical leader with the industry’s most advanced products and concepts in slope stabilization and erosion control applications.
  • Thunder Mountain’s specialized nimble footed Agricultural equipment accesses troubled sites when no one else can.
  • Extensive in-house rain tracking, documentation and storm alert capability is unique to Thunder Mountain.
  • Thunder Mountain principals are regulatory experts, but understand practical earthwork, soil mechanics, and hydrologic scenarios.  Having Thunder Mountain on the team makes it easy to comply and generates instant credibility with key regulators.
  • Thunder Mountain provides extensive classroom learning opportunities for certificated QSP’s, QSD’s, aspiring site managers, and storm water professionals, limiting class size in order to insure top quality personalized training.

Thunder Mountain, CPESC, CPSWQ and our staff offer the highest possible level of design, consulting, monitoring and site analysis services available. Contact Thunder Mountain today for help with your storm water management needs.

Sacramento International Airport

Sacramento International Airport

Aerial image of Natomas Levee storm water management project

Natomas Levee

Low Impact Landscapes

Drought Resistant Landscaping
Wetland Construction

Low Impact Landscapes

Thunder Mountain offers low impact landscaping including design and installation. Low impact landscapes incorporates many aspects such as:

  • No-mow drought tolerant plants
  • Storm Water Retention for Infiltration or Reuse
  • Storm water Reuse as Landscape Irrigation or Fire Protection
  • Deer Tolerant Plants
  • Deer Repellant Plants
  • Summer Flowing, Drought Tolerant Plants
  • Winter Fall Color Trees
  • Cool Patio and Driveway Surfaces
  • Alternatives to Asphalt or Concrete
  • Polymer Stabilized Surfaces
  • Permeable Pavers

Vactor Truck Service

Vactor truck cleaning vault

TME offers a full range of Vactor Truck (Vacuum Truck) services, including:

  • Stormwater vault inspection, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Sludge removal
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Hydro jetting
  • Potholing
  • Vacuum excavation
  • Catch basin cleaning

For more information and pricing, please contact us.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

Thunder Mountain designs water “retention” systems for re-use applications such as emergency supply, irrigation, and livestock, and can provide water “detention” systems for storm water management, erosion control, and groundwater recharge.

Prior to the twentieth century, cisterns were commonly used to store rain water for use later on. Cisterns are still used in remote areas to store water, often hauled in by truck. Above-ground tanks fed by wind powered water wells are still a common sight for watering livestock, however with ever-expanding municipal water systems along with common electrical power to most locations, self-sustaining private residential, agriclutural and commerical water supplies became less important during the twentieth century – that is until many areas started running out of water.

There is no smarter time than now for property owners to invest in a secure water supply they can control, that is not metered, has no fees, and is not taxed, or rationed except according to their own best management practices. Modular underground systems are specifically designed and sized for site soils, annual precipitation, and intended use. Of particular advantage in limited or uneaven terrain, Thunder Mountain designs underground storage systems that don’t take up valuable surface space, do not degrade, and don’t crack, leak, rust, or wear out – ever.

Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

TME features late-model high production equipment for Clearing & Grubbing, Mowing, Discing, Chemical Application, Tree Removal and Chipping.

Fire Hazards from Grass & Brush

Most California municipalities require vegetation management for fire control, and Thunder Mountain fills the bill with prompt effective service. A Thunder Mountain expert can review your site to offer you the best options for regulatory compliance, safety, and cost effectiveness.

Vector Control

Grass & brush provide hiding, breeding and feeding places for rodents, snakes, and insects.  Keeping property clear not only alleviates fire hazards, but reduces undesirable pests.

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Pond Construction & Liners

Nature Quality
Martin Marieta
Leviathan Mine Superfund Site - Liner Repairs & Boot Fabrication
Leviathan Mine - Material Compatibility Testing
Leviathan Mine - Air Lance Testing
Leviathan Mine - Boot Fabrication
Milpitas Materials
Milpitas Materials
Foster Farms Fertilizer Plant Pond Liner
Sun Meadows
Sun Meadows
Martin Marieta
Modesto Air Park
Brassfield Winery

Pond Construction & Liners

For water management, use the diversity, technology and experience of Thunder Mountain Enterprises, Inc. (TME) to your advantage. Unlike most landscape companies and garden pond specialists, TME‘s water containment experience was developed with large commercial and industrial ponds, used primarily for storage and sediment control. We apply our industrial know how and commercial quality materials to even the smallest private ponds at your home, ranch or vineyard.

Synthetic containment liners are the most dependable way to maintain a leak-free pond for years. Natural clay makes an excellent pond liner, however it is subject to penetration by tree roots, gophers and moles. Clay is also difficult to install, and is often misapplied or under-compacted, causing problems that are exceedingly hard to locate and correct later on. Synthetic liners are leak and maintenance-free once installed correctly.

Thunder Mountain Enterprises, Inc. can provide and install many thicknesses and weights of synthetic liners depending on your needs and site conditions. The best way to choose the proper liner is to consult with a TME professional at the job site and review samples and specifications of products that will work best.

Generally, once a new pond is excavated or an existing pond is drained,Thunder Mountain can fabricate and install a custom liner on site in one day!

Polymer Stabilized Road Surfaces

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge - PSRS Nature Trail

Polymer Stabilized Road Surface™ (PSRS)

TME’s polymer road surfacing is a relatively new and innovative strategy for building and maintaining comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly road surfaces.

PSRS encapsulates aggregate fines and binds them with larger, more stable structural material.  The process involves scarifying an unpaved aggregate structure; grading to assure proper drainage and road profile; mixing in a special polymer; re-grading, and compacting.  The dust-free result is a smooth, cool, natural looking surface designed for permanent applications at a very competitive cost.

The PSRS process offers property owners the experience of native materials, colors and textures for their roads and parking areas as an alternative to conventional hot, black asphalt or the expense of Portland Cement Concrete.

Dirt Trails and paths can also benefit from the strength and lasting durability of TME’s polymer stabilization process.

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Land Restoration

Upper Hess - East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy
Mayhew Levee Project
Camille Creek Restoration Project
Camille Creek Restoration Project
Estey Estates Creek Restoration
Black Diamond Mine – Land Restoration
Bradford Creek Realignment
Leviathan Mine Revegetation
Leviathan Mine Revegetation

Land Restoration

The United States of America is the most progressive nation in the world in terms of dollars spent, legislation passed, lawsuits filed, and research documented when it comes to protecting and restoring the natural environment. Whether you agree or disagree with this movement, there is no ignoring or defying it. Restoration of disturbed land from mining, solid waste disposal, commercial, industrial and agricultural activities has become part of the American culture.

Small urban streams, seasonal ponds, vernal pools, wetlands and vegetated areas once largely ignored on public and private lands have become part of a vast network of protected habitat for plant and animal life, monitored and regulated by agencies from the federal government, state and local governments, associations, and private citizen groups.

Thunder Mountain Enterprises, Inc. is a very unique General Engineering Contractor, an expert in Soil & Water Management, and proficient in Native California Landscape Construction, Land Restoration, and Civil Construction in sensitive areas. The Thunder Mountain staff of seasoned professionals and associates have earned specialized licenses, certifications and training, including CPESC (“Certified Professional in Sediment and Erosion Control”), CPSWQ (Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality) Hazwop, Landscape Design & Construction, Parking & Highway Improvement, Wetland Construction, Geotechnical Engineering, Landslide Repair, and Stream Restoration.

This broad skill set in soil & water sciences blends engineering principles (“hard sciences”) with green solutions and biotechnology (“soft sciences”), leading to environmentally responsible solutions for construction and land development.

TME is an expert at working with multiple regulatory agencies and stake holders to achieve an end result favorable to all. Completed projects range from sea level to 10,000 feet above sea level, and include stream realignment and restoration projects, Superfund Site Revegetation, Mine Restoration, Bank Revegetation, and various Roadside Drainage and Slope Stabilization projects.

Slope Repair & Stabilization

Hwy 26 Platipus Anchor & Turf Reinforcement Mat
Rosen Platipus Anchors
Rosen Platipus Anchors
Hwy 1 Slope Stabilization - Soil Nails
Hwy 1 Slope Stabilization
Hwy 1 Slope Stabilization - Shotcrete
Georgetown Gabion Boxes
Georgetown Gabion Boxes
Hwy 26 Platipus Anchors & Turf Reinforcement Mat
Hwy 26 Platipus Anchors & Turf Reinforcement Mat
Hwy 26 Platipus Anchors & Turf Reinforcement Mat

Slope Repair & Stabilization

Slope repair refers to the process of improving the stability and safety of a slope or a hillside that is prone to landslides or erosion.

Techniques for slope stabilization can involve the use of various methods such as grading, drainage, soil reinforcement, vegetation stabilization, percussion driven anchors, soil nails, gravity systems, gabions, and structural repair with compacted lifts. The appropriate method to use depends on the characteristics of the slope, the soil conditions, the degree of slope instability, and the desired level of stability.


Improper drainage or soil saturation is often the cause of failed or unstable slopes. In may instances, we can identify the problem and recommend improvements before more expensive repairs are necessary.

Erosion Control

Effective surface erosion protection goes hand in hand with structural repairs. Thunder Mountain works with TRMs (Turf Reinforcement Mats), BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix), RSP (Rock Slope Protection), and Cellular Confinement to provide custom solutions for specific sites.

Be proactive and  prevent slope instability before it reaches a critical stage. Our expert QSDs use best-in-class techniques and technology to identify potential slope stability issues and provide state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions for long-term stability. Don’t wait until a landslide or erosion event causes damage to your property or infrastructure. Contact TME today for a professional assessment.

Common slope & slide repair terms and definitions