Construction of the Folsom Bridge with storm water management bmps in place

Folsom Bridge

12 Bridges Water Treatment

12 Bridges Water Treatment

Storm Water Management

Thunder Mountain Enterprises leads the pack when it comes to regulatory compliance relating to the Clean Water Act and the California Permit. Thunder Mountain’s expertise is distinctive because Thunder Mountain is the only California storm water consultant that has extensive on the ground, in the mud hands-on experience. We are your trusted advisor when it comes to Storm Water Management.
Here are some examples:

  • Cars on the Hazel Avenue Bridge during construction. Showing storm water management bmps

    Hazel Avenue Bridge

    Built and operated dozens of uniquely designed site-specific treatment systems in house, incorporating electro coagulation, natural occurring chemical formulations such as lime, citric acid, and chitosan, along with various mechanical filter media.

  • Thunder Mountain crews and emergency services have installed and monitored hundreds of acres of storm water BMPs in California.
  • Thunder Mountain designs hundreds of SWPPPs, and walks the ground on every site in advance. Thunder Mountain incorporated soils data, topography and proximity to sensitive water bodies,  and other factors in designs long before they became law in the new California Permit.
  • Thunder Mountain is a practitioner and technical leader with the industry’s most advanced products and concepts in slope stabilization and erosion control applications.
  • Thunder Mountain’s specialized nimble footed Agricultural equipment accesses troubled sites when no one else can.
  • Extensive in-house rain tracking, documentation and storm alert capability is unique to Thunder Mountain.
  • Thunder Mountain principals are regulatory experts, but understand practical earthwork, soil mechanics, and hydrologic scenarios.  Having Thunder Mountain on the team makes it easy to comply and generates instant credibility with key regulators.
  • Thunder Mountain provides extensive classroom learning opportunities for certificated QSP’s, QSD’s, aspiring site managers, and storm water professionals, limiting class size in order to insure top quality personalized training.

Thunder Mountain, CPESC, CPSWQ and our staff offer the highest possible level of design, consulting, monitoring and site analysis services available. Contact Thunder Mountain today for help with your storm water management needs.

Sacramento International Airport

Sacramento International Airport

Aerial image of Natomas Levee storm water management project

Natomas Levee