Dust Control: Choosing the Right Palliative

Chart comparing 4 common dust palliatives

The chart above illustrates four common dust palliatives and some of their advantages/disadvantages.

When choosing a dust control palliative, the following factors should be considered:

  • Volume of traffic
  • Speed of traffic
  • Type and gradation (particle size distribution) of road materials
  • Regional variances, including relative humidity
  • Desired lifespan
  • Environmental factors
  • Budget

Unit costs of products often do not reflect their relative value for a particular application, and some have undesirable environmental side effects, so it is advisable to have an experienced professional review the geographic location, application, traffic conditions, and soil types in order to determine the best product or process for your job.

TME offers effective dust control solutions for roads, job sites, farms and vineyards with a special emphasis on environmental compatibility.

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